Cured meat

Hey followers Today after two month of ageing, the sausage like "ventricina vastese" is ready. Ventricina vastese is a delicatessen item commonly found in the Abruzzo, region of central Italy It is a bit spicy 🌶 and tasty with a fermented chilli. <<<<<< er meat, ham and belly meat with back fat seasoned with salt, … Continue reading Cured meat


Filled pasta lesson!!! Recipe

Ciao everyone After a great Easter spent a Bells beach Torquey (AU)  visiting the Rip Curl Pro- World Surf League and dining with family; Roberta my girlfriend decided to make for the first time the filled pasta. Tipically recipe for any filled egg pasta (ravioli, tortelli) Recipe for 2 people: For egg pasta: 300 g … Continue reading Filled pasta lesson!!! Recipe