Pizza dough recipe

There is pizza for all tastes! For this reason I thought to teach you the recipe for homemade pizza dough! A simple basic recipe that is prepared with few ingredients and then garnished as you see fit. Here my recipe for make pizza at home. For 4 people: • 300 gr of manitoba flour • … Continue reading Pizza dough recipe


How to make yogurt @home

Hey followers today I'm excited to show you how to make the yogurt @ home. Homemade yogurt: Ingredients: Milk (raw if possible or fresh whole) Lactic ferments (available in pharmacies) Tools: strainer and thermometer (you can still rely on your senses, if you do not have a thermometer). Heat the milk at a temperature of … Continue reading How to make yogurt @home

Fresh Fettuccine with potato cream & saffron recipe

Pasta with saffron is very traditional in a number of Italian regions, in particular Abruzzo, Abruzzo is a region located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast. Many people say the cuisine in this region is considered one of the purest forms of Italian cuisine and includes many dishes unique to Abruzzo. In Abruzzo, particularly in the … Continue reading Fresh Fettuccine with potato cream & saffron recipe