Wheel pecorino cheese @home

After I had a work class with David Asher, a famous organic farmer and cheese maker based in Canada. I tried to make some soft cheese at home in Copenhagen and in Italy too. Back at home in Italy a friend of my family in Abruzzo gave us 18 litres of sheep raw milk still … Continue reading Wheel pecorino cheese @home

Cured meat

Hey followers Today after two month of ageing, the sausage like "ventricina vastese" is ready. Ventricina vastese is a delicatessen item commonly found in the Abruzzo, region of central Italy It is a bit spicy 🌶 and tasty with a fermented chilli. <<<<<< er meat, ham and belly meat with back fat seasoned with salt, … Continue reading Cured meat

New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian  

  I have been thinking about this dish for a long time, and finally yesterday i decided to give it a go. Check it out, eggplant raviolo in a scamorza cheese water and homemade tomato concentrate. Tip: to obtain the scamorza cheese water, cook the diced scamorza au baine marie until the water separates from the … Continue reading New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian