Discover the ingredients and tips to cook homemade Cannelloni

Among the most popular traditional dishes from Italy, stuffed cannelloni are one of the best Italian dishes. Appreciated both in Italy and abroad, cannelloni are often prepared with a filling that includes cheese, cottage cheese, spinach and minced meat. The cannelloni are then covered with tomato sauce and also with béchamel and cooked in the … Continue reading Discover the ingredients and tips to cook homemade Cannelloni


After a while, finally I had a day off and I decide to cook for my girlfriend, a dish full of flavours. To make a challenge for myself I decide to use only three ingredients: artichoke chicory oysters I thought that those ingredients can be a good balance for my dish. First at all  I cut … Continue reading THREE INGREDIENTS: RECIPE

Tiramisu’ recipe

SERVES 10 COOKS in 30 minutes plus chilling time DIFFICULTY medium Ingredients 10 free range eggs (separated) 14 tbs of sugar 500g of mascarpone cheese (room temperature) 4g of gelatine sheets splash of marsala liquor as needed 2 cups of espresso coffee 1 cup of milk approximately 30 savoiardi biscuits Method Soak the gelatine sheets in the … Continue reading Tiramisu’ recipe