Fish soup with saffron gnocchi | recipe

There's nothing better than hot, homemade soup to assuage the cold weather. INGREDIENTS: For 4 people: 1 redfish about 600g 1 gournard 600 g 2 onions, 1 head garlic, 2 chiles  4 carrots 500 ml of white wine 10 ml fish sauce, 250 g peeled tomato, fresh parsley, 20 g of ginger For gnocchi: 500 … Continue reading Fish soup with saffron gnocchi | recipe

Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

Let´s talk a bit about the history of the Sushi The birth of modern sushi starts around 1800 by a stand selling food on the streets of Tokyo and demanded that the fish was marinated in soy sauce and salt, to last longer. The Wasabi, spicy green paste served along with sushi, was added to … Continue reading Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review