Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

Let´s talk a bit about the history of the Sushi The birth of modern sushi starts around 1800 by a stand selling food on the streets of Tokyo and demanded that the fish was marinated in soy sauce and salt, to last longer. The Wasabi, spicy green paste served along with sushi, was added to … Continue reading Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

Kenzan | Japanese Restaurant| Melbourne CBD

Are you looking for sushi, sashimi or other Japanese fine dining food in Melbourne??? You don't want to spend too much???   Best value for money place is Kenzan restaurant at 66 Collins Street. Hatted, featuring awesome service, affordable prices, and nice and fresh ingredients. In this picture my girfriend was looking the menu at … Continue reading Kenzan | Japanese Restaurant| Melbourne CBD

Koko | fine dining | Melbourne

Let's talk about one of the best Japanese restaurant in Melbourne... Koko japanese restaurant situated in the Crown Towers at Crown offers authentic teppanyaki and à la carte menus for guests to choose from, and is renowned for it's impeccable sushi and sashimi, delicately prepared by our chefs. Koko's also features an impressive sake bar, offering … Continue reading Koko | fine dining | Melbourne