Pizza dough recipe

There is pizza for all tastes! For this reason I thought to teach you the recipe for homemade pizza dough! A simple basic recipe that is prepared with few ingredients and then garnished as you see fit. Here my recipe for make pizza at home. For 4 people: • 300 gr of manitoba flour • … Continue reading Pizza dough recipe

The Unique Italian Focaccia

Would you like to know the secret of Italian rustic focaccia? Read this article and we will reveal you the special ingredient. You will learn, step by step, how to get the best and softest rustic focaccia. The best rustic focaccia has a thick, soft soul ; ) Beautiful to see and to taste, but … Continue reading The Unique Italian Focaccia

Cantina | Copenhagen | Review

This is one of the review that I´m really happy to talk about it. As everyone knows my girlfriend and I love  to eat in restaurants from a fine dining to a Burger place. This restaurant is one of the restaurant that is exactly between fine dining and Burger place. It´s call "Cantina"a cozy and simple … Continue reading Cantina | Copenhagen | Review