Cured meat

Hey followers Today after two month of ageing, the sausage like "ventricina vastese" is ready. Ventricina vastese is a delicatessen item commonly found in the Abruzzo, region of central Italy It is a bit spicy 🌶 and tasty with a fermented chilli. <<<<<< er meat, ham and belly meat with back fat seasoned with salt, … Continue reading Cured meat


En la variedad está el gusto 

An italian cook interpreting a Peruvian Ceviche with danish influences. Last night, enjoy to give something very special for my friends, I made this amazing new dish: lightly marinated cod in olive oil and lemon juice, served with a delicate fish stock, coriander oil, brussel sprout and jerusalem artichoke crème.  They were impressed to taste … Continue reading En la variedad está el gusto