Cured meat

Hey followers Today after two month of ageing, the sausage like "ventricina vastese" is ready. Ventricina vastese is a delicatessen item commonly found in the Abruzzo, region of central Italy It is a bit spicy 🌶 and tasty with a fermented chilli. <<<<<< er meat, ham and belly meat with back fat seasoned with salt, … Continue reading Cured meat


New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian  

  I have been thinking about this dish for a long time, and finally yesterday i decided to give it a go. Check it out, eggplant raviolo in a scamorza cheese water and homemade tomato concentrate. Tip: to obtain the scamorza cheese water, cook the diced scamorza au baine marie until the water separates from the … Continue reading New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian  

Good Friday • Good Dinner

Good Friday is a Christian religious holiday, in this day no one shouldn't  eat meat. Here in Melbourne most of the restaurant are closed  and my girlfriend and my flatmates nominated me to cook at home for dinner and because I knew  the market was close for good Friday,  my girlfriend decided to buy different … Continue reading Good Friday • Good Dinner