Make your praline chocolate

Making praline is not difficult, but you have to temper the chocolate‼️ To temper the chocolate you need 3 steps (in this case dark chocolate) • melt 55 degrees• cool down to 27 degrees• heat again to 32 degreesOnce these steps have been done, pour the chocolate into the molds until the brim, wait for … Continue reading Make your praline chocolate


Salon Du Chocolate | Second Edition | Milan 2017

  This year nearly 20,000 Choco Lovers  took part in the first Milan edition of the Salon du Chocolat in February 2016, and now it´s time to talk about the second edition. The Salon du Chocolat finally arrives in Milan, the event dedicated to the fascinating world of the food of the gods. The international exhibition … Continue reading Salon Du Chocolate | Second Edition | Milan 2017