Linguine with mussels and cherry tomatoes recipe

Finally I'm at home in  Italy, I've time for myself and to cook for my family. Today for lunch I made: linguine pasta with mussels, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli and parsley. It is a easy recipe and really taste seafood pasta Here the  recipe: Ingredients for 5 people: 500 gr of linguine pasta (de cecco) … Continue reading Linguine with mussels and cherry tomatoes recipe

Parsley roots – What it is?

Hi everyone today I decide to write about Parsley. Every day we use parsley as a condiment but do we know what is the the Parsley root and how to use it? Parsley root is a variety of aromatic plant grown not for its leaves, but the fleshy roots, like a white carrot. Once widely, … Continue reading Parsley roots – What it is?

Tiramisu’ recipe

SERVES 10 COOKS in 30 minutes plus chilling time DIFFICULTY medium Ingredients 10 free range eggs (separated) 14 tbs of sugar 500g of mascarpone cheese (room temperature) 4g of gelatine sheets splash of marsala liquor as needed 2 cups of espresso coffee 1 cup of milk approximately 30 savoiardi biscuits Method Soak the gelatine sheets in the … Continue reading Tiramisu’ recipe