#5 Calabria sausages #6 Ventricina Vastese #Breakfast sausage

Ciao everyone As I promised you, here the last 3 cured meat. You can find tips and description below. Have a great sunday all     Calabria sausage its usual made on the South of Italy, precisely in Calabria region. sweet or spicy is a coarsely size grind meat, stuffed in casing 40/45 mm., dried … Continue reading #5 Calabria sausages #6 Ventricina Vastese #Breakfast sausage

#3 Bresaola & #4 Boudin blanc

Good Sunday all Finally in Copenhagen is Spring or at least is not cold anymore 😅. As I promise here the other two cured meat that I m producing on a daily basis. I hope you have a great Sunday and enjoy Bresaola is cured with the 3% salt and spices; cured for two weeks … Continue reading #3 Bresaola & #4 Boudin blanc

#1 Salame Cacciatorino & #2 Fresh Sausages

It is been almost 2 years that I'm working as a butcher and everyday I´m learning but especially I'm experimenting new "staff". I have decided to make a list of some of my charcuterie and week by week I will update my list...just follow me and If you do have any question don't hesitate to … Continue reading #1 Salame Cacciatorino & #2 Fresh Sausages