Relæ experience |Copenhagen

I decide to share first the images because are self-explanatory Let´s talk about the restaurant and Relæ concept. Relæ has one star in Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2017 and was ranked number 39 in 2017 on the list of the World's Best Restaurants. It is besides that ranked as the World's most sustainable restaurant 2016. Relæ, … Continue reading Relæ experience |Copenhagen

Smørrebrød | traditional and trendy Danish cuisine |

The classic smørrebrød are always trendy! These rye buns open, full of toppings, were very popular in all social classes, both between farmers and between the workers up to the rich urban bourgeoisie. In Denmark there are places that serve only Smørrebrød, specially in Copenhagen, some inserted between local tops of the gastronomy of the … Continue reading Smørrebrød | traditional and trendy Danish cuisine |

Bæst Copenhagen Review

I have been in Copenhagen since last June and I´ve been working in few different restaurants but I really would like to talk about this particular restaurant. I would simply like to talk about how  sometimes I feel lucky to be part of this company. The first time I came to this restaurant was with … Continue reading Bæst Copenhagen Review