How to make yogurt @home

Hey followers today I'm excited to show you how to make the yogurt @ home. Homemade yogurt: Ingredients: Milk (raw if possible or fresh whole) Lactic ferments (available in pharmacies) Tools: strainer and thermometer (you can still rely on your senses, if you do not have a thermometer). Heat the milk at a temperature of … Continue reading How to make yogurt @home

Spaghettoni Cacio e pepe| Recipe

The most common Romain dish. Simple, fast and tasty ūüėč Ingredients for 2 people: 250 g Gragnano spaghettoni IGP 150 g of pecorino romano DOP Qb Black pepper Salt and E.V. Olive Oil Grate the pecorino or buy the grated one. Drop the spaghettoni in to a salty boiled water. In a hot pan tost … Continue reading Spaghettoni Cacio e pepe| Recipe

Tofu Udon Noodle soup | Vegeterian recipe

In Copenhagen, now the weather is up and down, one day is 23 degrees and another day 16 degrees. This is my second summer here and I'm actually fell lucky to enjoy this weather, after the long winter. I believe that a Tofu Udon Noodle soup is perfect for this weather. Traditional Udon broth is … Continue reading Tofu Udon Noodle soup | Vegeterian recipe