Sheep ricotta silverbeet pie | recipe

Hi everyoneI´m finally back to my country, my beautiful Italy, exactly in Collebrincioni a small town next to l'Aquila.I decide to make a super easy recipe for my mum's colleagues about 8 people. Ingredients for the mixture -400 gr sheep ricotta -2 egg -400 gr silverbeet cooked -grated Parmesan cheese q.b. -salt -pepper -10 ml of … Continue reading Sheep ricotta silverbeet pie | recipe


#5 Calabria sausages #6 Ventricina Vastese #Breakfast sausage

Ciao everyone As I promised you, here the last 3 cured meat. You can find tips and description below. Have a great sunday all     Calabria sausage its usual made on the South of Italy, precisely in Calabria region. sweet or spicy is a coarsely size grind meat, stuffed in casing 40/45 mm., dried … Continue reading #5 Calabria sausages #6 Ventricina Vastese #Breakfast sausage