Wine bar do Castelo | Lisbon

Travelling is the best things you can do it in your life. And travelling with a good tips is even better. I discovered this place. If you are in Lisbon, Portugal and you are looking for a quiet and cool place to have a good wine you must to go to Wine bar do Castelo … Continue reading Wine bar do Castelo | Lisbon


"Takoyaki"  are a common food in southern China, Hong Kong, Macau, Southeast Asia and overseas Chinese communities made from "fish paste". The basis of this recipe is pretty simple but there are different variations, depending on your taste you can change the ingredients that should be included within the batter balls.   Takoyaki is usually sold … Continue reading TAKOYAKI | STREET FOOD | HONK KONG


Have you ever heard of crispy waffles from Hong Kong !? They are called egg waffles is a popular street food for excellence! They are easy to eat with your hands because they are in the shape of balls and easy to detach. Price:  20 honk kong dollars You will find them  everywhere on the street. … Continue reading EGG WAFFLE | STREET FOOD | HONK KONG