Welcome pink chocolate

After milk, dark and white chocolate,  Barry Callebaut, the world's largest chocolate maker, unveils a novel about Shanghai to attract millennia and open new markets. About 80 years ago, food scientists introduced the world to white chocolate. Until this week, it was the last new kind of chocolate to enter the world market. But now, … Continue reading Welcome pink chocolate


Living abroad do not always have the opportunity to share the pleasure of life with your friends and relatives; But when I go home everything is different, values ​​and traditions come to life and re-emerge memories ... because memories are everywhere you never forget.Good lunch at all 🍮🍮🎂🍰🍦🍧🍨Cream tart, almonds, pine nuts and chocolate drops#sweet … Continue reading Memories


Have you ever heard of crispy waffles from Hong Kong !? They are called egg waffles is a popular street food for excellence! They are easy to eat with your hands because they are in the shape of balls and easy to detach. Price:  20 honk kong dollars You will find them  everywhere on the street. … Continue reading EGG WAFFLE | STREET FOOD | HONK KONG


Danish butter cookies is an homemade traditional sweets that everyone ate at least once by children. The blue tin was always present in our homes, even if sometimes it deceived containing needle and thread instead of biscuits sweet tooth.😉 Are one of the most exported products in Denmark and famous all over the world!. To … Continue reading DANISH BUTTER COOKIES (VANILJEKRANSE)