Sheep ricotta silverbeet pie | recipe

Hi everyoneI´m finally back to my country, my beautiful Italy, exactly in Collebrincioni a small town next to l'Aquila.I decide to make a super easy recipe for my mum's colleagues about 8 people. Ingredients for the mixture -400 gr sheep ricotta -2 egg -400 gr silverbeet cooked -grated Parmesan cheese q.b. -salt -pepper -10 ml of … Continue reading Sheep ricotta silverbeet pie | recipe

Reffen Copenhagen street food| review

Probably many of you do not know that Copenhagen street food has been closed  at the Papirøen  in December 2017 and has finally after months of waiting reopened the 18th of May. It is slightly more distant than before but in my opinion it is much cooler and more organised. Basically there is everything, followers,  … Continue reading Reffen Copenhagen street food| review