My name is Simone Ciuffetelli and I’m from l´Aquila, Abruzzo, (IT).

I am 25 years old and I finished studying my Diploma of Cookery in 2013 while still studying, I started building up my work experience at few restaurants. After graduating I have worked for 8 months in a Spanish restaurant, and that sparked my interest in getting to know new culinary cultures. As a result I decided to travel, and decided to head to Melbourne, Australia in 2014. My first experience in Melbourne has been in a Italian restaurant, where I strengthened my knowledge on Italian dishes and learned about Australian breakfast specialties. I thought it was time to move on again and change my life a little. I started working in a different Italian restaurant called Sapori D’ Abruzzo (literally “Flavours from Abruzzo”, the region I come from in Italy) as a head chef together with sous chef and a kitchen hand, That has been my very first experience in managing a kitchen by myself and creating a new menu, and it revealed to be excellent. I decided again that it was time for a new adventure where I could build up my experience in a bigger, more vibrant and fast-paced environment such as Rosetta in Melbourne CBD.

After 6 Months at Rosetta, The last 5 weeks before finishing my WHV I had the opportunity to work at Attica (One of the best restaurants in Australia) as an internship.

Working in Australia has been the best choice I have ever made.

In 2016 I decided to move in Europe with my fionce and I choose Denmark

In Copenhagen I worked for 108, I was responsible for running a specific section of the kitchen, I was very organized and comfortable working in a high-pressure environment for long hours too;

Then for Christin Puglisi, a great Italian chef, focus on integrating gastronomy and sustainable agricultural

I was a butcher in Bæst and what I loved the most was to work with organic and fresh produce, especially free range meat.

In 2018 I decide to be back to my city in l´Aquila, Abruzzo with my new family.


I gained experience in different areas of commercial cookery, from the typical chef de cuisine, to butcher, cheese maker and ice-cream maker, and at the moment I´m focusing on pastry and baked goods.

I like to experiment with contemporary dishes, including natural fermentation.

I´m passionate, driven and have a strong sense of responsibility.

More news are coming up.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed



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