Make your praline chocolate

Making praline is not difficult, but you have to temper the chocolate‼️

To temper the chocolate you need 3 steps (in this case dark chocolate)
• melt 55 degrees
• cool down to 27 degrees
• heat again to 32 degrees
Once these steps have been done, pour the chocolate into the molds until the brim, wait for a few seconds and then turn them upside down to bring down as much chocolate as possible.

You have formed the outer part of the chocolate. Then cool down.

Once is cooled, fill with a white chocolate jaw until it almost reaches the edge of the mold.
“For making the “white chocholate jaws “ you need:

One part of white chocolate and one part of fresh cream.

Boil the fresh cream and pour over the white chocolate, mix well until the chocolate has completely melted and let it cool down.

The last step is to close the praline, so, temper the chocolate again, and pour into the whole mold and align with a spatula.

Leave to cool down and take the chocolates out of your mold.

Here some photos to better understand


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