Kefir grain, do you want it?

Hi all

I want to share with you something about my kefir grain.

If you don’t know what is kefir grain,

I’ll explain you… Kefir is made using “starter” grains which help to ferment the milk. 

I’m lucky to have the original kefir grain‼️ no that one you can find online that most all them are fake.

I would like to share with any person want it.

So if anyone is interested just let me know and we can organise how to send it.

They are like sour dough mother, you have to feed them every day with fresh milk (better organic whole milk or unpasteurised milk from a local farm). Or you can feed it and keep in the fridge and feed once a week and when you want to make same fermented milk just add fresh milk, leave fermented for a day and then store the kefir in a bottle; keep in the fridge and then leave the grain with a bit of fresh milk in the fridge as well.

So if you want to make your homemade kefir at home just ask to me. I will give you further information.

I just attached same information taken from the web.



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