The king of salumi

The best thing you can make from a pig in terms of curing for preserving is prosciutto.

Now, if you want to have a more comfortable cut that you can easily slice on the machine, you have to make a culatello.

Culatello is most tender part of a pig leg. Basically if you don’t want to make a prosciutto (because is really big, because is difficult to cure), you have to definitely make it.

By deboning a leg you get in one side the culatello and in the other a fiocco, a small culatello.

Once you are done to tuing up whit a butcher string to old a good round shape and salt with 2,5% of the weight in salt for one week and 0,5% of salt after a week. Keep in a cold place (from 0 to 6 degrees, better in to the fridge) for four week and turning in to the salty water that the meat realised.

Now is time to wash. Use a wite wine instead water to get off the salt.

Using a pig bladder (you can find in website) wrap the meat and tie as tidy as possible with a butcher string.

Hang in a cold dark place (around 8 degrees/ 75% umidity) for a minimum 9 months and write down the weight.

Once the time is done and the meat has lost 30% of the initial weight you can take the culatello, brush any mold off, take the bladder of and wet the edges of the meat with wine to make a little tender. Wrap with clin film o better if you vacuum and rest for one months in the fridge.

After this the Culatello is ready to slice thin for the best aperitivo.

Here some picture. Any question just ask.


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