How to make yogurt @home

Hey followers today I’m excited to show you how to make the yogurt @ home.

Homemade yogurt:


Milk (raw if possible or fresh whole)

Lactic ferments (available in pharmacies)

Tools: strainer and thermometer (you can still rely on your senses, if you do not have a thermometer).

Heat the milk at a temperature of 90 ° C, turning continuously.

Protect the cooking at the same temperature for at least 10 minutes.

Cool the milk to 40 C.

Dissolve the quantity of lactic ferments, (freeze-dried), sufficient to coagulate the milk (the quantity is written on the package) and add to the milk, stirring well (if you do not have a thermometer you can bring the milk to almost boiling and chill it to about room temperature).

Once the ferments have been added, leave the milk in an environment at about the same temperature as the milk, or in any case ensure that it does not fall too quickly.

The coagulation time depends on the temperature.

Once the milk is coagulate the yogurt is done.

Put it to drain on a fine knit strainer or a cotton dishcloth.

You will see the serum dividing from the mass.

And yogurt is ready.

If you want it more creamy and less dense, add the whey

(not all) to the yogurt and blend.

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Have a great week end


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