Best food in Copenhagen

Lonely planet has announced that the best city to visit in 2019 is Copenhagen, in Denmark.

While you visit the best city in 2019, you’ll have to eat something, right? let´s says that this city is expensive, so I’ll show you some restaurant , that is worth it!

If you don’t want to spend much money, while eating best food and going around, here you can find same beautiful suggestion.


Hija de sanchez for he best combo of tacos… so delicious

Gasoline is a Burger Place in Copenhagen, for a consistent and authentic burger with a secret sauce.

La baracca: is situated at the Copenhagen street food, for a good Italian Pasta serve freshly made Italian classics like tortello or tagliatelle

Slurp ramen for the best ramen I have tried. Not many choice but the best!

Manfreds  for the best tartare in the World!! if you would like to have a nice meal with a selection of a  Chef’s Choice,  7 small dishes for sharing  and Sommelier’s Choice,  3 glasses chosen by them, this i the right place


Baest: for the best pizza in town, delicately crunchy outside and divinely soft inside  and a handmade organic charcuterie and cheeses, including hand-stretched mozzarella

Manfreds: again for a veggie emotional dinner. (check out my review)

Barabba: a bit more expensive but really authentic and good stuff. You can find a real italian pasta since everybody are Italian at Barabba. Regarding the wine you will find a good selection of wine since Sommelier Riccardo Marcon is from Michelin restaurant 108

ØsterGRO is the first rooftop farm in Denmark it’s a small rooftop farm, I been there for a private event but you can book the table on for a unique dining experience.

If you want to dine with a view or enjoy a unique dine then Copenhagen has lots to offer!!! but a bit more expensive

Relæ: an organic, casual restaurant with one star michelin, making it one of the most affordable gourmet restaurants in Copenhagen.

108 Mini noma : interesting and casual place with one star michelin; 108 base their cooking on local ingredients and traditional cooking methods such as foraging, pickling, fermenting. 

Amass: serves contemporary, organic cuisine with a strict focus on locally sourced ingredients. It is not in the city center but easy to reach.

Noma: top of the top !!! the world’s most famous restaurant, no world needed. The Nordic cuisine starts from here!

Brace: it’s not the best restaurant I ever tried but it has a good balance between food and wine

All of these place need an advance reservation.

Want to get a reservation???

Click in one of the restaurant above and book

I hope I have been satisfactory and if you need more questions write me


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