How to make a beautiful and fluffy gnocchi

 It’s very important to choose the right type of potato.

You need a potato that is starchy with a floury texture and minimum water inside, usually are red outside.

Making gnocchi from scratch is much less complicated than it seems.

Let’s start:

You can boil, steam or roast into the oven. The importance is that they are truly cook inside.

In this recipe I make  with roasted potato cooked into the oven with a splash of water into the trail.

Recipe for 4 people:

1 kg of red potato

1 egg

120 of plain flour

12 gr of salt


Cook the potato with the skin in a trail with 1 cm of water in.

Cook a 160 degrees until they are very soft.

When are cooked,  peel them, still hot. ( is very important that you make the mix while the potatoes are still warm otherwise the dough will be grainy). Pass through a potato ricer add salt, flour and egg, mix until you get a nice dough.

Start taking a small pieces of dough and rolling up to get long circular pieces dast with same flour and then cut in 2/3 cm pieces.

Keep in the fridge or freezer it if you want to use in the future.

You can make gnocchi with everything.

We love gnocchi with bolognese sauce and Gorgonzola.

Tell me what do you prefer more and thank you to keep follow us.



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