Fresh Fettuccine with potato cream & saffron recipe

Pasta with saffron is very traditional in a number of Italian regions, in particular Abruzzo, Abruzzo is a region located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast.

Many people say the cuisine in this region is considered one of the purest forms of Italian cuisine and includes many dishes unique to Abruzzo.

In Abruzzo, particularly in the area around Aquila, saffron is used in many types of dishes including wonderful pasta with saffron dishes, so today I decide to make a fresh pasta with saffron and potato cream.


-300 gr of flour tipo 00

-3 egg yolks,

-1 or 2 whole egg dipending from the size of the eggs

-2 potatoes

-Saffron steams qb

-Make a veggie stock.


Make the pasta dough and let it rest at least one hour in to the fridge, wrapped.

Peel the potatoes and cook with your own  veggie stock Make your own broth stock | recipe

Afterward blitz the potatoes, add same stock if you needed, until really soft and very creamy.

Take the pasta to a really thin layer, try to get all the same size approximate 20cm long.

Fold the pasta and cut really thin fettuccine shape

Put the saffron steam in a hot water or hot stock.

Cook the fresh pasta and mix it with same potato cream and saffron water.

Mix all thoroughly and add the same water if is to sticky.

Put the same cream on the bottom and then put the pasta

Here we go.

A creamy fresh fettuccine pasta with potatoes cream and saffron is ready for you.

Is really delicious you should try once in your life 😊and if you need more information please don´t hesitate to contact me .


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