Tomato jam 🍅 | recipe

Ciao guys

It’s been long time since I have posted something but I’m proud to announce my daughter Sofia born on the 3/09/2018.

We are super happy and we are approaching a new in a different and better way.

This weekend I would like to write a new recipe a Tomato jam.

The season is over so it’s time to make tomato sauce and this year we have tried, Tomato jam. 🍅

Did anyone ever tried?

You can find the recipe below:


– 2kg of ripe tomato

– 250 grams of sugar


• Cook the tomato over a moderate heat with the sugar for about two hours

• Pass the sauce over a fine knitted loaf, put it back on a low flame until it is firm

• Put the cap in the tins still boiling and turn over.

and now are ready to use


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