La fenice | L’Aquila | review

Ciao guys

Now it’s almost 2 months that I’m back to my country with my girlfriend.

In summer time l’ Aquila city is not full of people but you can still enjoy the atmosphere.

As you probably know it’s almost 10 year after the earthquake that destroyed the city.

But now you can tell that people are ready to have back them city.

So we decide to make a “guide” of Osteria, wine bar, restaurant around l’Aquila to show you how beautiful can be my city.

We are starting with La Fenice, situated in the historic city centre, in Piazza della Repubblica, 7/8 – L’Aquila

We discovered this place through the book “The Italian’s restaurant 2018”, very nice place, the staff is friendly, we been already twice and the first time was not a great experience due the was too many people and the staff was not good enough to manage the situation but the second time was a different waiter and was a great customer service.

In terms of wine, I still have to discovered which I liked most but in general, they have a very good selection of wines and platters of delicatessen meats and cheeses.

Quality is ok,having traveled a lot around Europe I would say that they could bet much higher, but I have to say one thing: prices are low based on quality.

So for two people with 3 glasses of wine, a platter of cured meats and cheeses and a platter of Crudo ham we paid € 31.00, I would say excellent if you consider the quality of the product.

It doesn’t not have a wine cart because it has around 4000 type of wine by now.

So you go there and you have a blackboard with popular wine and not.

Particular attention to the Tuscan and Piedmontese wines.

Gastronomy with a selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

Informal environment.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any tips or any suggestion.


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