Seafood Garganelli pasta |recipe

It is been a while since I´m not add any new recipe in my blog

I been working a lot with cured meat and I left out what I still like to do, use the stove and create new recipes.📝
Today I will tell you how I always prepared this Italian dish together with my girlfriend.

Garganelli with shrimp, tomato concassè, chilli, garlic and parsley.

For the pasta dough.
– 250 gr of flour tipo 00
-4 eggs yolk


-6 red giant prawns,

-4 fresh tomato,

-1 garlic,

– parsley qb,

-fresh chilies qb, EVO oil.


Mix well egg yolks and flour.Then let it rest for 2 hours cover with plastic in the fridge.

In the meantime I cleaned the prawns. I separated the meat from the skin and the and head. I salted the prawns meat and I made a stock with the prawns head.

After cleaned from the black intestines, I fried all the skin and head prawns in a pot with a bit of oil, add some water to cover, add a bit of whatever I had in the fridge(tomato leftover, onion, parsley stems), I boiled for 30 minutes, then strained and then I reduced.

Cut the tomato in quarter, take the middle part off (use for stock) and cut the rest in square small pieces.

Chop the parsley as well

Toast the prawns for a few minutes with EVO oil and let them rest, remember “rest” on fish and meat is very important because all the juices remain intact.

Now is time to Make garganelli pasta 🍝

The Garganelli pasta, are a type of egg-based pasta  formed by rolling a flat, square noodle into a tubular shape by using a streaked, rettangular wood object.

(You can check on internet how to get this object that will helps you and also how to make them because will be tricky to explain now. But this dish can be made by using any other type of pasta, egg pasta, fresh pasta or dry pasta).

In a pan, fry garlic and chopped tomatoes for about 3 minutes.

Add pasta, add reduced prawns stock, for 2 minutes, add prawns, add chopped parsley and add EVO oil.

Mix again until shiny creamy and not too sticky.

Here we go

If you like you can add some bread crumb.


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