Barr | review | Copenhagen

Well, after a while my girlfriend and I decide to try this restaurant.

We make the reservation and we found the place really easy, it is in the city centre.

The location is super nice, since I worked last year to 108, I been to the Noma kitchen many times, which now is Barr kitchen.

It was super busy but the greeting was nice.

We ordered few dishes but the only dish we liked most was the  FERMENTED CURED RIBEYE was really tasted, fatty creamy, that just melted in your mouth.

The other dishes, the CUCUMBER SALAD, was just less then what we expected.Thr BONE MARROW, was nice but too much fatty.

The dessert was one of the best thing.

Fresh and tasty.


We definitely expecting more.

In terms of drinks, I can say that was good. The drink menu is full of drinks characterised by different craft beers, wines and spirits.

Service was good but many distractions.

They give us a different dish that we ordered and the bill was for another table.

Overall it was still a good experience but I expected a lot more.

I hope you like my review and soon a NEW RECIPE!!

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