Reffen Copenhagen street food| review

Probably many of you do not know that Copenhagen street food has been closed  at the Papirøen  in December 2017 and has finally after months of waiting reopened the 18th of May.
It is slightly more distant than before but in my opinion it is much cooler and more organised.

Basically there is everything, followers,  I say everything, Italian, Greek, Spanish, Danish, Indian , Argentinian, Japanese, Arabic, Peruvian.
Regarding the  prices…well to be in Copenhagen are accessible, of course who come as a tourist will always find them a bit more expensive then a local.
From Thai ice cream to Italian fresh pasta.
I am super excited to tell you about this great place and believe me if I had the opportunity to open such a thing in Italy I was going too.
Food tracks are containers and it is quiet interest to read in the website about the new concept.

My partner and I  been there a week before the official opening and it was a great experience.

There are many beach chairs in front of the sea where you can relax all day and next to it there are many big table to share food with friends.

There are numerous Italian food trucks, in fact I think they are the most absolute. And surprise…. we met a dear friend of ours who opened a fresh pasta food truck.


Obviously Franco made us try all the 2 types of pasta he made in that day with the two different sauces .. ummm so good!!!

Followers… listen there is someone around the world who produces fresh pasta every day ready to be eaten by you !!!

that´s great!!!

then we been to GRO,

100% cold-pressed organic and bio-dynamic juice. Natural, sustainable and squeezed of fresh seasonal commodities.

then we been to our Greek friend THE REAL GREEK

absolute delicious, they have a pork pita or chicken pita, of course we tried both and we liked most the pork pita.

the pita was super good, I never tried better then this one, so soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour, I was impressed and for 80 dkk the dish was plentiful.

You can find all the information and event in the ufficial website

I hope I help you to discover another cool place and remember #sharigiscaring


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