Hija de Sanchez restaurant |Copenhagen | review

If you living in Copenhagen, after few months, if you are a food lover you will know few cool place to try out.

My partner and I love to try different cuisine then Italian, and last Sunday we have tried Mexican cuisine.

We been travelling in the last few years but never been in Latin America, so what we knows about is tacos and mezcal.

I guess is a good start  ;).

Hija de Sanchez has 3 different restaurant, one is a taqueria in Dybbølsbro, the other one is a kiosk in Torvehallerne market in Norreport and in November opened a restaurant in Istegade, CPH Central Station.

We been in the last two year to all of them, but the restaurant is something different.

if the other two are “touch and go” , the last one has incredible accuracy in the details.
it seems to be in Mexico, obviously I can only imagine.

Cactus everywhere, excellent luminosity and the staff is super friendly.

We been for brunch on Sunday and when we arrived we feel a relax Sunday atmosphere.

you know here in Copenhagen the weekend is really for relax and enjoy good food.

Danish and non as soon is sunny are eating outside, does not matter where as soon is sun they enjoy it. and believe we only have one real month where you fell the summer and it´s this month, May.

Anyway let´s go back to Hija de Sanchez.

we were unsure if we could get the table because we did not book it but we were lucky and we seat.

In the long bar you can sit and eat or just have a drink where they twister the classic drinks, have plenty of mezcal, special Mexican beers, aguas frescas and natural wines.

Excited to be there we order the drinks, since my girlfriend is pregnant we order Tepache, fermented pineapple with spices and Horchata, rice, almond and cinnamon drink, both of them super good and fresh.

It was late when we arrived so some of the dishes were sold out, but we eat:

Two oysters · 60
With habanero and sea buckthorn, too spice but good taste

Flautas · 75
Three crispy tortillas  filled with papas al pastor, lettuce and salsas

2 Breakfast Tacos · 125
Tortilla, carnitas, cured egg yolk and salad

If I can says something all of them was good but when you wake up late on Sunday these dishes can be too strong in terms of flavour, of course this is only my opinion.

we will definitely come back for dinner and try a different menu.

Have a look in the website if you need more information.


I hope you enjoy and remember #sharingiscaring


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