Did you know that to make gnocchi…

it is important to know the origins of the ingredients 💥

There are different ways to prepare the gnocchi, many of you has a different recipe, but in my opinion,  everything is good if prepared with healthy ingredients and made with love.

For example:
The main ingredients for making gnocchi are:
• eggs
• potatoes

In 2018 you can find all these ingredients  at supermarkets but it is important to know origin of the product and the deadline.

flour => The flour is obtained from the grinding of cereals, subjected to milling to obtain powders of variable granulometry.
There are different types of flour suitable for Italian recipes.
For example, we used organic spelled flour and 00 flour.

Have you tried organic spelled flour?  in Italy there are still windmills where to grind the wheat and make it flour, something extraordinary for me.
eggs => Eggs are foods obtained mainly from hens, but there are other types of animals where they produce eggs.

My family has around 26 hens and everyday we have fresh egg, I´m so lucky 😉
The hens´s eggs, they are classified in biological 0, outdoors 1, in earth 2 and in cage 3;
Take care when you go to the supermarket and try not to buy eggs that are too old or classified under number 3.
potatoes => the potato is an edible tuber that is usually considered and consumed as a vegetable, at the supermarket they all look the same, but in reality, like the eggs, there are potatoes high, medium and low quality.
So always check the origin and ask which type of potato is suitable for make gnocchi.

Please remember to always to check the origin of the product and the deadline.


For now enjoy these beautiful gnocchi


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