Gasoline | Copenhagen |Review

Not everyone knows about this fantastic place, small but welcoming.
Of course we are talking about  Copenhagen and we are talking about a place that only serve Take away,  so do not expect great things …. but there is a secret … would you like to know ??

Is one of the best hamburger I ever eat and sincerely the best in Copenhagen.

They have four hamburgers available:
price 75 dk
CHEESEBURGER: onion, pickles, gasoline sauce
BUTTERBURGER: organic virgin butter, pickles, onion
GREEN BURGER: vegetarian option
ORIGINAL BURGER: lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, gasoline sauce

of course there are also EXTRA such as organic fries, different toppings, homemade dips and desserts.

All organic, cooked fresh, options for vegetarians too. Cheapish for Copenhagen, what´s else!!!

They offer you a  COMBO selection too , for the sweet tooth or for groups of friends.

I have tried wth my partner the ORIGINAL BURGER with Double cheese, for us is the best choice but of course we will come back to try the other options.

They start serving at 11:00am and stay open until they run out of ingredients.

Also, there is no indoor seating, only picnic tables set up around the sides and behind the building.


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