#5 Calabria sausages #6 Ventricina Vastese #Breakfast sausage

Ciao everyone

As I promised you, here the last 3 cured meat.

You can find tips and description below.

Have a great sunday all


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  • Calabria sausage its usual made on the South of Italy, precisely in Calabria region. sweet or spicy is a coarsely size grind meat, stuffed in casing 40/45 mm., dried for 3/4 weeks after is fermented, is a really good sausage for who specially like spicy stuff. The mixture has salt, fennel seed, sweet paprika, dry chili, red wine.

Cut it thick and eat just with white bread. So delicious and tasty



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  • Ventricina Vastese is a 115 mm salame. is one of my favorite, is from Vasto, Abruzzo (IT)  and. It’s a really coarse mixture meat with a beautiful face, the mixture is the same as the calabria sausage that with talked before. Fat content around 20 %

slice really thin can be eaten with bread, but also can be used on pizzas and pasta sauce


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  • Breakfast sausage, at work we call it like that because the small raw sausage are usually cooked for breakfast. The mixture in this case has 50% of shoulder and 50%  of belly meat. The mixture has salt, white and black pepper, dry rosmarin, dry oregano and 10% of bread, not crust, grinded with the meat.

Nice to be eaten with mustard and bread.


Well, here’s what I’ve learned over the years. Keep in mind that this is what works for me. I’d love to hear what other stuff you love to use, as I know there are some other butchers out there.


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