Wine bar do Castelo | Lisbon

Travelling is the best things you can do it in your life.

And travelling with a good tips is even better.

I discovered this place.

If you are in Lisbon, Portugal and you are looking for a quiet and cool place to have a good wine you must to go to Wine bar do Castelo

Is in the old city, where small street and old houses are, and is just before the san Jorge’s castle. Perfect to go when you are going to see the great view from the Castle. The place is small, cozy and simple but with a lot of goodness.

They staff take care of you and they let you taste and choose your wine from different cities in Portugal and they explain about it.

They are really into this job and they do in a natural way. They have wine from Lisbon and other cities in Portugal, vintage and not and also a nice list of Porto wine, from 120 years old to ten years old. The wine list is quite large; local cheese, made from unpasteurised milk (as French people do it), and charcuterie from pasture black pig, that, they let to eat acorn on the free land, giving creaminess and nut flavour to the meat.

I’m a cheese and charcuterie lover and in this place I tasted the best coppa and prosciutto that I ever taste and also one of the best soft sheep cheese that I ever had.

Trust me go there and you will enjoy at any time.



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