Wheel pecorino cheese @home

After I had a work class with David Asher, a famous organic farmer and cheese maker based in Canada.

I tried to make some soft cheese at home in Copenhagen and in Italy too.

Back at home in Italy a friend of my family in Abruzzo gave us 18 litres of sheep raw milk still warm.

I couldn’t resist to make a delicious hard pecorino cheese wheel.

The wheel looked really nice, I made the cheese salty from a saturated salt brine, after I let it rest for 24 hours

I stayed in Italy only for few days so I only had time to make the cheese and to salty it but now my brother will taking care of it.

I would age from minimum 6 months, just for next time I ll be back in Italy.

With the whey leftover I also made some rich and tasty sheep ricotta.

I ate it fresh!!!! So yummy and tastefully

I made a dish with pasta De checco, guanciale, cherry tomato and saffron,

and with my gran mother’s wild blueberry jam.

Fantastic !!!


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