Cured meat

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Today after two month of ageing, the sausage like “ventricina vastese” is ready.

Ventricina vastese is a delicatessen item commonly found in the Abruzzo, region of central Italy

It is a bit spicy 🌶 and tasty with a fermented chilli.

er meat, ham and belly meat with back fat seasoned with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, sweet paprika, fermented chilli and red wine.

Grinded at 11.5 mm, well mixed for about 4 minutes, let rest overnight and stuffed to 115 beef bung casings.

Fermented for 2 days ; dry aged at 13 degrees, 80% humidity, until 40% loss of weight. Then sliced thin (1mm) and served with white bread.

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