Tasty – Umami – Fresh

Hi all, I hope you start the week in a positive vibes as me.

Right now I’m working a lot and I’m focus on learning more staff about charcuterie so I do not have much time for my blog.

Today I’m going to talk about how make a fast and tasty dish.


  1. fresh salmon fillet, cleaned with no bone,
  2. dry mushroom,
  3. soy sauce
  4. pink pepper.


Start slicing the salmon fillet 2 mm thick or more if you like.

Marinated the fillet in soya sauce for 30 minutes. Soak the mushroom in a temperature water and warm up to 60 degrees max, let infuse for 20 minuets until it cool down to 30 degrees.

Strain the salmon and place it nicely in a bowl. Pour the mushroom water on the plate e garnish with pink pepper.

30 minuets to marinated

5 minute to make and garnish the dish.

Tasty, umami, fishi, faty, light

Note: now you can use the mushroom soaked for make a nice risotto 😉Enjoy your day



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