Well, pork is the word of the day!


It all starts with pork meat which is minced alongside a certain amount of pork fat of the finest quality. Because yes, believe it or not, there is such a thing as high-quality fat. This fine white fat blends in with the salami and should stick to it like glue when sliced.

Seasoning includes salt, fennel, garlic, mace, black pepper, and even wine and cinnamon.You mix all of them together, giving the salami the shape of a sausage, you encase it and let it age in dark and cool cellars.


Now I´m going to explain in particular why I´m in love with this organic farm in Denmark.

I´m working as a butcher at Bæst in Copenhagen for one year now and every week we have 1 or 2 pig to work with.

Directly is coming by the honer of the farm called “hindsholmgrisen”  means Hindsholm is a penisula of the  northeastern of Fyn and grisen means pig.


HindsholmPork pigs are fed barley, rye, oats, peas, lupins and fava beans – never soya. They always have access to green feed. The pigs find much of their feed on their own, eating grass, roots, worms, snails, beetles and a lot more. They’re fed exclusively with 100% traceable organic feed, they  can always point to the fields where their feed comes from. During the colder months they also fed them with seaweed.

Natural feed and lots of exercise means that their pigs grow very slowly. It takes minimum a year an half to be finished for slaughter, which is twice as long as normal!!!!

HindsholmPork has particularly beautiful and uniform fat marbling, with a good balance between meat and fat. The fat is extremely tasty, velvety and pliable. They can only get this kind of result by raising the pigs in a natural way.

HindsholmPork cultivate their own feed.

They look after the pigs themselves.

They butcher the pigs themselves and they make all of the products they sell.

And you know how many they are?

4 people

It is a lovely couple, Poul and Carla Lang Nielsen  and  two butcher.

I experienced that are focused on products of the highest quality and they take this very seriously. Therefore they go a few steps beyond the minimum requirements of organic certification so the product will be the best of it’s kind.

Please see attached some picture of that wonderful and relaxed day my girlfriend and I had.

If you have any question you can contact them.

Hindsholmgrisen contact

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4 thoughts on “Well, pork is the word of the day!

  1. These look like old English breeds of pigs, they have the blinker type ears of the Mediaeval foraging pigs that were semi wild. The spotted ones look like Oxford Sandy and Black aka The Plum Pudding Pig and the others may be Tamworths and Berkshires. It’s great to see all these old breeds coming back, long may it continue and thanks for posting, All the very best, from Normandie, Sue

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    1. They didn’t said which breeds they are because they want to keep secret about. I know that they are working since long time, searching and discovering old breeds and best narural way to growed and feeded. I’m lucky to had the opportunity too see their farm and, every week producing charcuterie out of that meat. But You are really informed about these bread, are you also a farmer?


      1. Hi there, Yes, in a small way I have an organic food forest with a collection of old breed poultry and you can see them on my youtube channel if you are interested – Pavlovafowl and on my blog. My sister, in Scotland has the Oxford Sandy and Blacks and she also had Tamworths too. They are very recognisable. I have a film on my sister’s pigs on my channel too if you are interested – they have wonderful personalities! There is nothing better than buying produce directly from the farm, that is unless you are raising it yourself! All the very best from sunny Normandie. P.S. I also paint naive art and old-fashioned pigs are one of my favourite subjects.


      2. Gread videos. I really like this things because I grow up in a family farm. My mum and my brother in Italy,have a lot of differents chicken breeds, and they also feed by hands if neeeded and they really take care of them. We also have rabbit, turkey, sheep and pigs. Nice talk with you, I will follow your profile and watch video.


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