The secret for a great dish is…

-Use fresh organic and wild seasonal products whenever possible.
-Do not use too many ingredients but focus on the main ingredient
-Do not use too much spice, even pepper
-Use little butter or cream due cover the flavors

One of the most ingredients of Autumn season is the mushroom. 🍁🍁

Few days ago I went to forage just outside Copenhagen and the result was great.

I found the porcini mushrooms ( Boletus mushroom)

Boletus are a broad species of mushrooms that contain many edible species and no deadly ones.

Since I collected a lot almost 2 kg I preseverd in 2 different way.

dried mushroom

ones on the picture are perfectly dried but for my opinion I should cut them a bit thicker . I brushed the mushroom and I sliced 0.5 mm thicker and baked at 120 degrees, ventilation oven with the door little open. Once dry, I cooled down and keep it in a plastic container far away from humidity.

other ( the smallest cep mushrooms) I blanched in a water and white wine vinegar 50/50 for about 4 minutes, I strained, I let them dry a little bit more in the fridge. Then I put in a jar and I covered with sunflower oil.

They are super good served with a flake salt and a bit of lemon juice, with a nice bread.

Some picture of that day

With this ingredient I made an entree and a main.

Boletus carpaccio, egg creme, parsley vinaigrette

Boletus linguine with patato creme and fresh aestivum melanosporum (summer black truffle)

Remember what you need it can be around the corner 😉

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