Welcome pink chocolate

After milk, dark and white chocolate,  Barry Callebaut, the world’s largest chocolate maker, unveils a novel about Shanghai to attract millennia and open new markets.

About 80 years ago, food scientists introduced the world to white chocolate. Until this week, it was the last new kind of chocolate to enter the world market. But now, scientists have invented a pink-colored chocolate!! It joins the likes of white, dark, and milk chocolate. A chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland launched the new product Tuesday in Shanghai, China!! (Made from the “Ruby” Cocoa Bean)

The “ruby” chocolate is made from special cocoa seeds, it has a distinctly pink color and an intense taste, “it is not bitter, it is not sweet,” but has at the same time “fruity flavor and a bit sour of a forest fruit and a seductive sweetness, “he says as a producer company based in Zurich.

My girlfriend is waiting for the pink chocolate but probably I’m curious too

Ciao and remember to share it 😉


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