Spaghettoni Cacio e pepe| Recipe

The most common Romain dish.

Simple, fast and tasty 😋

Ingredients for 2 people:

250 g Gragnano spaghettoni IGP

150 g of pecorino romano DOP

Qb Black pepper

Salt and E.V. Olive Oil

Grate the pecorino or buy the grated one. Drop the spaghettoni in to a salty boiled water. In a hot pan tost the black pepper for 1 minute, be attention to don’t burn. After 10 minutes when the pasta is “al dente” downs it and add on the pan with a couple of leadel water. Cooking and sturning adding water  if needs (this is called mantecatura, where the amid came out from the pasta creating a amid creme). Take the pan from the heated, sturnt to drop a bit the temperature of pasta otherwise the cheese will cook, add the grated cheese slowly slowly until forming a delicious creme. If is too sticky add a bit of hot water. Taste if the spiciness of the black pepper balance the fatness of the cheese; if is not add more pepper.

The dish is ready to eat.

Simple and delicious to be eat with a nice glass of full body wine.

This pasta is pretty  common in Italy, specially in Rome where came from. Is the same base of “Gricia” where you add fresh creme and guanciale or “Carbonara”  where you add eggs and guanciale.

This is my dish made at home last sunday lunch with my girlfriend. Also you can find a full video while I m making this pasta, to follow all the steps.

Spaghettoni Cacio&Pepe

I hope you enjoyed



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