Cured mackerel

Dear everyone

You don’t know me well but sometimes I like to do crazy things.  Now in Denmark is the period for fishing Cod and Mackerel so I decide to buy a fishing road and a licence for fishing 🎣. I went fishing and last  night I fished two beautiful fish, just at the harbour in Nordhavn in Copenhagen.

The first one was a cod around 450 grams and the second a mackerel, around 450 grams as well. I checked in the fridge what I have leftover and I had a beautiful idea to make mackerel as a started and  cod as a main.

Today I will explain you how I make this starter.

The mackerel was lightly salt for 20 minutes and then marinated in lemon juice and a splash of water for 20 minuets extra. I served with a parsley sauce, by blanched curly parsley, blitzed with E.V. olive oil and water, then a raw egg yolk  and pickled red onions, blanched in white vinegar and left in until cold. Takes approximately 50 minutes.

Here we go

Thank you

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