BRACE | Restaurant | Review

It was long time since we have been to a fine dining restaurant.

When my girlfriend and I were in Australia every week we were in a fine dining restaurant but here in Copenhagen  I do not feel like going to try fine dining restaurant, often, the reason why is because Copenhagen has a truly innovative restaurant scene catering to all budgets and tastes.

You can find a Organic street food , Michelin starred restaurant´s , a truly  Danish food experience, when the unique smørrebrød, is served around the City,.

In conclusion Copenhagen is truly in the foodie spotlight.

But,  we decided to dine at the new restaurant opened in February 2017 Restaurant Brace managed by chef Nicola Fanetti.

Restaurant Brace brings Nordic food in Copenhagen with Italian flavour.

Whats does that mean?

It`s mean that you will have certainly one  dish with pasta, example pasta alla carbonara, typical of Lazio, appreciated all over the world for its simplicity  and goodness or traditional Italian dish as coda alla Vaccinara, this dish is a delicious dish of poor Roman food, but all the Italian traditional dishes transformed in a modern Nordic cuisine  (see photo below of selection of snack )

First at all we loved the courtyard, so elegant and sophisticated. (Really impressive)

The concept is totally modern and elegant, professional waiters and sommelier helped us to choose the right menu and automatically the right wine.

They have 3 different tasting menu.


We choose the:


Selection of Snacks:

Aubergine – Olive – Tagete – Tomato


Onion – Jerusalem artichoke – Barley – Ramson capers


Cod – Buckwheat – Red spring onion – Swiss chard


Rabbit – Lentil – Potato – Wild herbs


Rhubarb – Brown sugar – Milk – Dill – Tarragon


In the following picture we have two of the four wine we have tested.

these two are my favourite, perfect balance between food and wine.

The wine selection is based on wines made from sustainably farmed grapes, which respect nature and biodiversity.


The dishes I liked most was with the rabbit, though too small as a portion but the dish was very balanced and tasty.

And the dessert, Oh my God was absolute delicious, one of the best dessert I ever eat. Aromatic, sweet and crunchy…


I hope you enjoyed the review

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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