Smørrebrød | traditional and trendy Danish cuisine |

The classic smørrebrød are always trendy!

These rye buns open, full of toppings, were very popular in all social classes, both between farmers and between the workers up to the rich urban bourgeoisie.

In Denmark there are places that serve only Smørrebrød, specially in Copenhagen, some inserted between local tops of the gastronomy of the city with lots of recipe books published and sold.


The herring is the queen of smørrebrød, and in a meal consisting of a varied sequence of these rich sandwich  should be consumed in the opening. Next, each smørrebrød can be with fish: salmon, shrimp, fish eggs, cod, plaice, which is smoked or breaded and fried.

The classic combination is shrimp and slices of boiled eggs.

Then it’s up to the meat: pork liver pâté, beef jerky, salted or smoked, chicken, sausages, roast beef tartare.

Then comes the smørrebrød made of cheese.

All these materials are topped with vegetables, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, herbs, sauces. To prevail among the latter are the mayonnaise and remoulade sauce, a bit ‘pushy, to be honest, and often used unsparingly. Among vegetables, abundant red onions, gherkins, radishes, cabbage. Among the herbs, dill and chives. But you should be careful what you bites, because it is also very present horseradish, lavished with generous hand.

In conclusion, if you are traveling in Copenhagen you can’t miss the opportunity to eat a ” smørrebrød”.

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