Bæst Copenhagen Review

I have been in Copenhagen since last June and I´ve been working in few different restaurants but I really would like to talk about this particular restaurant.

I would simply like to talk about how  sometimes I feel lucky to be part of this company.
The first time I came to this restaurant was with my girlfriend and my parents, I did not know much people in those days, but those few people kept talking about this restaurant, how the pizza was good and how the products were fresh .
I was amazed at the goodness of the products and so I decided to apply for this job as a chef.
After about a month I had this job as a chef specializing in butchery, but today I will not talk about me but I´ll show you some photos regarding the food I could taste during the few dinners I had here.

Stracciatella, mushrooms, black truffle from Piemonte


Amazing homemade mozzarella made with organic ingredients


Tomato, BÆST ‘nduja, smoked BÆST mozzarella, red onions and oregano

Danish blue cheese, kale, garlic and crispy pork fat

BÆST selection of Charcuterie

Two weeks ago Bæst is in the 10 best pizzerias worldwide!!! 

8 Bæst, Denmark
Guldbergsgade 29, Copenhagen, Hovedstaden 2200
The charred pizza crust at the stylish Italian restaurant opened by Michelin-starred chef Christian Puglisi is delicately crunchy outside and divinely soft inside – a perfect base for house-made organic charcuterie and cheeses, including hand-stretched mozzarella.

I hope you enjoyed my post and see you soon

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