BĂŚst Copenhagen Review

I have been in Copenhagen since last June and I´ve been working in few different restaurants but I really would like to talk about this particular restaurant. I would simply like to talk about how  sometimes I feel lucky to be part of this company. The first time I came to this restaurant was with … Continue reading BĂŚst Copenhagen Review


Danish butter cookies is an homemade traditional sweets that everyone ate at least once by children. The blue tin was always present in our homes, even if sometimes it deceived containing needle and thread instead of biscuits sweet tooth.😉 Are one of the most exported products in Denmark and famous all over the world!. To … Continue reading DANISH BUTTER COOKIES (VANILJEKRANSE)

En la variedad estå el gusto 

An italian cook interpreting a Peruvian Ceviche with danish influences. Last night, enjoy to give something very special for my friends, I made this amazing new dish: lightly marinated cod in olive oil and lemon juice, served with a delicate fish stock, coriander oil, brussel sprout and jerusalem artichoke crème.  They were impressed to taste … Continue reading En la variedad estĂĄ el gusto