After a while, finally I had a day off and I decide to cook for my girlfriend, a dish full of flavours.

To make a challenge for myself I decide to use only three ingredients:

  • artichoke
  • chicory
  • oysters

I thought that those ingredients can be a good balance for my dish.

First at all  I cut the heart of the artichoke in a cubes, fried in vegetable oil in a frying pan, add hot water, cooked, blended and pass through a strainer.

I boiled the chicory and fried in a frying pan with garlic and chilli for few minutes.

The last step, the faster one but not the easy one is to open the Oysters, if you don’t have the Oyster knife, can be difficult. If you are brave you can use a good knife, you just have to locate the right point and the games is done! 😉

Here my dish:

Oysters with artichoke cream and chicory.

First at all put the artichoke cream on the plate because is sweet, then natural oyster and in the end the chicory because are bitter and a bit chewy.

I added the fried artichoke petals but they were too chewy and with chicory so I decided to take them off.

So please remember always to try to cook as much as you can and more important is to have a passion to do it.

After almost two years with my girlfriend Roberta, I can feel her passion to cook growing up day by day, so please always share with your friend, your partner because share is the most important thing for live.



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