Cantina | Copenhagen | Review

This is one of the review that I´m really happy to talk about it.

As everyone knows my girlfriend and I love  to eat in restaurants from a fine dining to a Burger place.

This restaurant is one of the restaurant that is exactly between fine dining and Burger place.

It´s call “Cantina”a cozy and simple Italian place , where you can feel a good atmosphere, to noise in the week end ma still a food atmosphere.

We been here already three times in few months, its close to where we live and it´s not expensive.

Very nice food, freshly made. They have a nice selection of wines and a selection of Cocktails, homemade Pizza, Pasta, Anchovies, Burrata, Oysters, Truffels.

The menu is easy to read. Here you can find the  MENU

In short, if you are in Copenhagen you have to eat here.

I recommend:

  • Chicken Liver Paté – Grilled Bread – Pickles
  • Tomato – Pomegranate – Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Mozzarella – Tomato – Basil – Olive Oil
  • Salsiccia – Kale – Garlic – Tallegio – Mozzarella


  • Parma ham

                                           Chicken Liver Paté – Grilled Bread – Pickles

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